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If you’ve made your way to this page, then chances are you’re interested in learning a bit about me. I’ll say that I really don’t know how to talk about myself all that well, and when I do, I tend to ramble quite a bit. As such, prepare for a novel’s worth of information.

Welcome to my head, pull up a chair.

My name is David, and you can call me David. I’m 24, I’m of Irish heritage, I live in America, and I’m pretty weird. (I’m also single, if that matters.)

Let’s start with the religion aspect first, just to get it out of the way: I consider myself Jewish. Now, I wasn’t born Jewish, and I’ve never been officially converted, so take that how you will. But in my search to find an organised religion, I’ve discovered that Reform Judaism is the closest thing to what I believe in, so I consider myself a Reform Jew. (That and it’s easier to tell people than to list each and every single one of my beliefs and get that long blank stare from people who were only interested for the first five seconds.) I believe in many of the teachings and observe the major Jewish holidays (and acknowledge the “lesser” ones), though I do not keep kosher, because I love bacon too much. I am also a legally ordained minister, so that in conjunction with the fact that I’m Jewish technically makes me a rabbi, I suppose.

Now, while I’ve disclosed my religion to all of you, I’ll make it known that I’m perfectly fine with learning your religion (or lack thereof, if that is the case), and I have no problem with casual religious discussions. However, I will not attempt to force my religion upon you, and I’ll expect you to do the same. But, in any case, I will respect your beliefs, whatever they may be, so long as your beliefs don’t say you have to disrespect another person, because there is no reason for that.

I play guitar and sing quite a bit, and have a bit of a musical side project going on called “Freak Chemistry by Drama Show”, which is essentially me as a one-man band. (The other “band members” all have names and personalities, as well as a mostly-fictional backstory, but in reality, they’re all me.)

My favourite colour is blue (though if I have to choose a shade specifically, it’s a tie between cobalt and teal). My favourite movie is The Lion King. My favourite food is bacon, though I also really like Mexican and Chinese, and everyone loves pizza, so there’s that (though I can be picky about my pizza). My favourite animal is the elephant. Redheaded women are my kryptonite.

If you’re wondering about my URL, Selunei is the main character of a fantasy novel I started writing in 2004, which is currently on hiatus/suspended indefinitely. (If you want to know more about the novel, just ask, so I don’t ramble on and on about it here.) Though the name Selunei has extended to most of my virtual identity, as well as being one of my two middle names (as of yet unofficial, though once I get enough money together I’m planning on legally changing my name). Also, that picture in the header is actually a picture I took at one of my favourite places in my hometown to visit. In case you were wondering.

I’m an ex-alcoholic with an official quit date of 1-July-2013. This is my second attempt at sobriety, and so far my longest. I haven’t had even so much of a drop since, and I don’t plan to. I’m also technically an ex-smoker, with a quit date of 4-April-2014. That part wasn’t actually planned, as I purchased an e-cigarette (“vaporiser” or “atomiser” or whatever they call them) in an attempt to save a little money on my habit. I haven’t had an actual cigarette since then, and after mentioning that to a couple people, it was pointed out to me that technically, I don’t smoke anymore. (It also has, in fact, saved me money. In case you were wondering.)

I have two piercings and one tattoo. That’s not because I don’t want more; rather, it’s because I haven’t thought of any that would look good on me yet. I also find piercings and tattoos pretty damn hot.

I’m very much still a teenager at heart, though I can be mature when I need to. Actually, to be more accurate, I’m an older man and a teenager simultaneously. I love video games and cartoons and Disney movies and not having responsibilities, but I also can’t stand a lot of kids these days and their obnoxious culture they’ve got going on. Basically, instead of growing out of my childhood and teenage years, I simply grew up and brought them with me, while at the same time I like getting older, because I feel like I’m finally ageing into my personality.

I have an INTP-type personality, if that means anything to you. I also have massive amounts of social anxiety (which is obviously defined differently for me than anyone else, just ask, and is probably worse than I think), mild autism (probably less than I think) slight depression, frequent headaches, a constant “cold” (I’m never 100% well, just some days I’m sicker than others, though I’m pretty sure I’m not actually contagious, and admittedly it’s probably just allergies to some random, constant thing in my life), insomnia, and too many phobias than I’d care to admit. I self-medicate with caffeine (mostly Diet Coke) and my e-cig, and when it gets really bad I add aspirin and DayQuil into the mix. Other than those four, I don’t do drugs of any sort, barring the rare medication if anything else comes up. (Unless you count vitamins as drugs. I have been known to take vitamins. But I call those ‘supplements’.)

I curse like a fucking drunken Irish sailor. I also despise pushy people.

I am pansexual, though I generally tend to get along better with women, and admittedly I prefer women to men. Though that’s mainly because I’m really picky about my tastes in men. And in saying that, I don’t mean to limit gender to those two alone. I am, after all, pansexual for a reason. It’s just easier to quickly type and describe it that way. And while we’re on the subject of gender, I am physically male, I was born male, and I’m perfectly fine being male. In my head, however, I’ve never really felt completely “male”. Sometimes I feel male, sometimes I feel female, but most of the time I feel something rather neutral. On my Facebook profile I’ve listed myself as “male androgyne”, because from what I’ve read, that’s the best way to describe how I feel (male physically, mostly androgyne mentally), but if anyone else has a better way to describe it, please feel free to educate me.

I’m a bit nerdy. I say a bit because I never really got too much into comics, anime, manga, Star Trek, or anything else like that, but there are certain topics that I can go on and on about that most people would be all “Dude, total nerd”. I don’t really look/sound/act like much of a nerd when you barely scratch the surface (unless I’m wearing my nerd glasses, but you might classify them as hipster or something else), but get to know me a little, or at least hang out with me while we’re watching Cash Cab or Jeopardy or some other random useless-trivia-knowledge-game-show. My overuse of the words “dude”, “like”, “y’all”, “totally”, “word”, “fo shizzle”, etc. are verbal tics at best.

Intelligence is sexy. Proper spelling and capitalisation are a must. (If you noticed I spelled that the “British way”, you get brownie points, as I typically use those spellings.) I’m a bit more lax on grammar as I’m not the best at that either.

I’m an Android fanboy, and absolutely despise Apple products. So if that bugs you, sorry not sorry. Also rather attached to Linux (actually pretty much just Ubuntu), and my current main computer is a Chromebook (don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it).

I tend to ramble. Kind of a lot. Moreso in person, because when written I have time to stop and edit first, to make sure I’m not going on and on about one thing, although it would be a lie to say it never shows up in writing. It’s especially bad when it’s a topic I’m really passionate about (usually one of my dorky interests). If you weren’t able to tell already, this entire entry has been mostly just my stream-of-consciousness as I try to figure out the right way to describe myself, which, admittedly, I’m not even sure is a very easy thing to do.

And, lastly, if you’ve read this far, I also have Kik and Snapchat, if you’re into that sort of thing. Just ask for my info if you want it. Though don’t expect a whole lot as far as Snapchat goes, because I’m not really a fan of my own face, nor am I creative enough to do those newfangled “stories” people do on there.

If there’s anything else you want to know about me, just ask! ^_^


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I'm David.

I am just a very thin layer of charming with some funny sprinkles wrapped around a huge creamy center of raging arrogant a-hole.

This is my Tumblr.

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Welcome to my head.
Pull up a chair.

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