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- Slender Man Mythos
   - Marble Hornets
   - Tribe Twelve
   - EverymanHYBRID
   - Can You See The Words
   - Just Another Fool
   - Seeking Truth/The Mystic
   - The Tutorial
   - Dark Harvest
- 2 Broke Girls
- American Dad!
- Arrested Development
- Avatar/The Legend Of Korra
- The Big Bang Theory
- Boy Meets World
- Danny Phantom
- The Dead Zone
- Death Note (anime, haven’t read the manga)
- The Decemberists
- Digimon
- Doctor Who
- The Fairly OddParents
- Family Guy
- Firefly
- Friends
- Gravity Falls
- King Of The Hill
- The Legend Of Zelda
- The Lion King (and Disney/Pixar in general)
- The Lord Of The Rings/The Hobbit
- Louie/Lucky Louie (and Louis C.K. in general)
- Monk
- My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
- New Girl
- Orange Is The New Black
- Phineas And Ferb
- Portal
- Prison Break
- Psych
- Red vs. Blue
- Rent
- Scrubs
- Sherlock
- Spaced
- Star Wars
- That ’70s Show/That ’80s Show
- Titus (and Christopher Titus in general)
- Wilfred
- Zombieland

(if you have any good blogs for any of my fandoms that you think I should follow, drop me a line in my ask and I’ll check them out!)


Am I Not Right?
I'm David.

I am just a very thin layer of charming with some funny sprinkles wrapped around a huge creamy center of raging arrogant a-hole.

This is my Tumblr.

Occasionally NSFW.
Often very nerdy.
Never unbiased.
Always unbalanced.

Welcome to my head.
Pull up a chair.

Languages I Speak:
English (kinda)
Spanish (sorta)
Gaelic (very little)
French (see Gaelic)
German (ditto)
Sarcasm (fluent)
Swearing (native)